Happy Birthday Jesus and the Mimi Mafia (Part Duece)

Another part of the Christmas tradition, at least while I'm home, is to head over to Mimi and Pop Pop's Christmas evening.  The food is whatever is leftover from the Christmas Eve party and it's a chance to just relax and be with family.  My family, on this side, likes to have fun and we surely do.  It's not your typical Christmas celebration, but it's ours, and I enjoy it very much.

For the second year in a row the Mimi Mafia has gotten new swagger.  Last year I got a t-shirt that had written on it, 'DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH STUPID PEOPLE'.  This year, I got a bright green shirt with a picture of a handheld cooler on it with the words 'Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Little Cooler'.  Mimi, I believe, gets these shirts.  The guys all have fun with it and next year there may just be Pop Pop's PlayGirls in addition to the Mimi Mafia.  This concludes another year of holiday cheer and celebration.  Watch out world and watch out for the photos below.

(Jen and Jamie as we were getting ready to open gifts)

(I had forgotten about this since the previous year but for some reason, once one person places his or her thumb on his or her forehead, the last person to do so is the loser.  What happens to the loser?  Absolutely nothing.  Here we have Katrina, Janice, and AJ - a.k.a. Aunt Jody.)

(The Great Grandkids opening gifts)

(Buzz, Pop Pop, Erica hidden, Kyle in the hat, Colonel standing, and Kara Bean in white)

(Kara is helping Mimi with something)

(Colin got a tissue box and seems thrilled)

(AJ is telling or a story or making a comment or doing something)

(Pa Dukes decked out in his Flyer's gear - that's me in the background with my track suit from last year)

(AJ and the Colonel who is also referred to as Uncle Rusty)

(I'd say there were quite a few gifts to open this year judging by the amount of trash on the floor)

(Most things were even placed in bags.  Nevertheless, the Great Grandkids had a blast throwing the paper in the air, as did I, until we got yelled at and had to stop.  It was raining wrapping paper.)

(For the 2nd year in a row the Mimi Mafia gets new gear)

(We even have our own symbol - M.M.)

(Notice the difference in generations and the way they make the M symbol.  Older generation and Gavin have 3 fingers pointed down while the younger generation crosses the the ring and middle fingers.  OGs vs. New Gs.)

(Here we were told we had to show our backsides)

(I think they just wanted a picture of the writing on the back - Mimi Mafia with a picture of Mimi)


Christmas Day - Happy Birthday Jesus (Part I)

Christmas morning was a special day as a kid and I still find myself a bit excited for some reason.  This year I was up at 5:30, not because I had an alarm set, just because I couldn't sleep.  I wanted to make sure I made it over to my sister's house to watch my nephew open gifts.  He's almost double digits now and I'm not quite sure how many more years he'll believe in Santa.  Also, I'm not sure how many Christmases I'll be around in the future.  So, when home, I like to see his face and watch him open gifts on Christmas.  

Speaking of Santa, I must have been a good boy this year because I made out quite well.  I got the 2 things I asked for - an I-Pod touch for when I'm traveling as well as a skateboard.  I have visions of myself cruising down the streets of South America on a skateboard.  Also, it's my challenge to myself this year - learn to ride a skateboard.  So, that's exciting.  Here are a few photos from Christmas morning... stay tuned for more photos from Christmas evening.  

(G-Unit during the early stages of gift opening - the Stocking)

(Jen and Jamie)

(My sister got the teapot she's been asking for, a Keurig Coffee machine, and I paid for her registration in the Hershey 5k color run)

 (Jamie got a BB gun to shoot with the not so little little man)

 (My nephew and his new BB gun)

 (Me as I opened the gift from my sister)

 (At this point I had already known what it was)

(And it was a skateboard - woot woot!)

 (Family gift - X-Box 360)

 (Myself and my nephew)

(Pooba showed up.  Pooba is my father, G-Unit's grandfather)

(We got him a guitar this year for Christmas)

(When he came in Gavin handed him some picks.  I told him, "Pops, wasn't a good year this year.  Going to have to wait another year."  He went out to the car to grab something and by the time he came back into the house his guitar was already on the couch.  However, before seeing it he said, "Well, the least you could have done was printed off a picture."  Then he saw it and said, "Oh.  There it is."

(Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, the new version)

(Time for a little BB Gun action)

(Dad going over the rules and explaining some important information before getting started.  Mom making sure things are kosher.  Pooba recording it.)

(Action shot)

(Rock 'em Sock 'em with Nana Bird)

(Big Winner)

(Nana Bird and Mr. opening gifts)

(Mom got some earrings)

(Time for a Nerf Gun Battle)

(The battle commences)

(Jamie taking up his position behind a tree)

(It always seemed to be 2 on 1 at some point of the battle and although 1 of the rules was NO HEAD SHOTS everyone was hit in the head at least once)

(Sis giving the thumbs up.  She was a happy camper and was also 'good' this year.)

(Funny Hat photo)

(Funny Hat Funny Faces Thumbs Up photo)


Christmas Eve Party

One of the annual Christmas Traditions for me has always been my grandparent's Christmas Eve Party.  It has occurred long since before I was born and continues to happen even when I may not be around.  The guests vary from year to year but there's usually a core group that comes.  I still have childhood memories of Christmas Eve parties past and the anticipation of Santa Claus.  I think I would have gone nuts had I not had this distraction when I was younger.  Enjoy a few photos from the evening:

 (My sister stuffing her face)

 (Troy, Abby, and Carrie.  Hopefully I spelled Abby's name correctly...  Carrie and I once had a few too many drinks together one Christmas Eve and of course, it was my fault.)

 (Nanette giving me the evil eye)

(Cousin Deb in the foreground and Mitchy resting on the pinball machine.  Not quite sure who the other gentleman is behind Deb.) 

 (Carrie and Abby as we discussed Senior Week.  Mom and Dad are a bit nervous, to say the least.  For good reason...  I still remember when Abby was a baby and now she's off to Senior Week.)

(A group hanging out at the table)

(Cleaver - we've also had a bit too much to drink on occasion.)

(Jamie and G-Unit playing pinball)

(The fellas hanging out around the bar)

(Shirley making the face while Sue relaxes)

(Super Pop Pop hanging out upstairs)

(The gifts all wrapped and ready for Christmas)