National Museum of Korea

So, I now officially hate Blogger...  It doesn't upload photos properly and the new format is just terrible.  Again, this is my opinion but I have no idea what the H E double hockey sticks the people at that company are thinking.  Then again, it's free.  So, I guess I shouldn't complain.  With that being said and my hatred for blogger evident, I went to the National Museum of Korea in Ichon.  I've seen it countless times and finally decided to stop.  Katrina had a date with one of her friends so off I went.  I would recommend, especially as a first stop museum in Korea.  Also, take a picnic because there is an awesome park nearby.  Anyway, here are the photos.  By the way, Blogger doesn't even automatically spell check anymore, so be careful.  Who knows, maybe Blogger just hates me???

(Entrance to the National Museum of Korea)

(Main Gate)

(Nice pagoda of sorts)

(City in the background with the reflecting pond)

(Better shot of the reflecting pond)

(Dragon Falls)

(Sweet hand sculpture made out of roof tiles)

(Different view)

(Fingernail, or sorts)
(Can you see the dragon?)

(Not sure what was happening in this ancient picture but it looked quite interesting)

(For any deer lovers out there, here is the perfect vase for you)

(A war horse with warior)

(Stamps, aka seals, similar to a signature in America)

(An old book, amazing in and of itself)

(Money...  I'm sure it's worth a lot more now than it was then)

(Sweet kids' toys)

(These two were no bigger than my thumb)

(Dragon bell)

(Markers for Baduk)

(Board for Baduk)

(Ginormous pagoda inside the museum)