Secret Garden

Lately, on Sundays, Katrina and I have been taking bike rides to explore more around Suwon.  Fortunately, we've had some great adventures and have found some pretty awesome things pretty close.  This past Sunday I wanted to go to a 'water park' I've seen on my way to Seoul. Well, the water park wasn't working, the pool and slides were closed.  However, we did find a secret little garden area which was pretty awesome!  Then, we went to McDonalds, got some milkshakes, and drank them in the park!

(Secret Garden with waterwheel and coy fish)

(Katrina outside a gate)

(Both of us as we crossed the bridge into the magical garden)

(Some awesome looking statues we found.  We came to the conclusion it used to be an amateur amusement park back in its heyday...)

(More secret garden action)

(Contemplating something - I liked the fountain in the background)


Seoulatious Scavenger Hunt

I've always wanted to do a photo scavenger hunt.  And, there are some things in Korea I've always wanted to take a picture of (e.g. couple outfit) but never quite had the courage to ask.  Well, it was easy to do while playing a game.  It wasn't something I wanted, it was a photo I needed for the game.  Fortunately, since I created the hunt, I put quite a few things on the list that I knew I wanted to get a photo of.  The game itself consisted of 'Randomness,' 'Team Silliness,' 'Specific Places,' 'To Infinity and Beyond,' as well as 'Judge's Call.'

Randomness was exactly like it sounds, a list of about 100 random objects.  Team Silliness included team acts such as pole dancing, singing on public transit, etc.  Landmarks, buildings, and statues were to be found in the Specific Places section.  Finally, To Infinity and Beyond included those things which there are a lot of in Korea (Family Marts, Post Offices, Cafe Benes, etc.) and Judge's Call was cutest baby, hottest man and woman, as well as other opinionated photos.  We took about 4 hours with the list and still only found about half the items.  We finished in Itaewon and everyone was exhausted in the end.  Anyway, here are the photos from the 1st Seoulatious Scavenger Hunt: 

(Ask a stranger to marry you - Good Job Spenser!  "That's the first time I ever asked a girl to marry me?!' said Spenser.)

 (Squid Jerky)


(Namsan Tower)

 (Korean with an umbrella, even though there is a 0% chance of rain - I know, keeps the sun off)

(Best Sculpture)


 (Public Pay Phone)

 (Bacon, I know, kind of weak)

 (Person in a cast - yep, she's back there.  By the way, pay attention to Josh's face and gestures...)

(Korean Flag)

(Fire hydrant and Katrina holding her dress down)

(Misspelled English Sign - nope, Liqueur is spelled correctly.  Nice try for a group of English teachers)

(Haechi statue)

 (Korean with a beard)


(Street Vendor - check out Josh's face and the lady's cooking the food - she's into it!)

(Korean in flip flops - doesn't happen very often)

(Obscene gesture behind an old person - nice work Josh)

(Female Police officer - creativity was a must)

(Random shot from the day but it might be on the next one)

(Cutest baby with a JC photo bomb.  We tried to get at least one group member in all our shots.)

 (Mascot of Seoul)

 (Random group of Koreans...)

(... that helped us win best accessory photo.)

(Planning on the Chegonggyecheon)

 (Group Shot)

(King Seojeong statue)

 (Better shot)

(Gyeongbokgung and the Blue House)

(Best Team Jump photo)

(Best Team Jump Photo take #2)

 (Going for best sculpture but didn't win)

(bow tie)

 (Made in Korea)



(Nuns and Josh)

(Foreginer's ID)

(Tie with Hangul)

(Here you can see the Hangul)

 (Couple's outfit - very popular in Korea.  I'm trying to get Katrina to do it with me but she won't, sadly.)

 (Something rusty)

(Korean with tats)

 (Indian restaurant)

(Awkward photo - hookah.  Walked in of the restaurant and then walked out.)

(Worst hair dye??  Possibly...)

(Lady Bug)

 (US College Apparel) 

(Pole Dancing for 2 minutes - there are quite a few photos...)


 (Cowboy Hat - wish this would have come out a little better...)

 (I <3 Korea shirt)

 (Non-pregnant person in the pregnant seat...)

(And sword fighting on public transit begins...)

(and continues...)

 (and Spenser is on the ropes...)

(Old ladies selling veggies)

 (Hockey stick - at this point, Josh claimed we were ordained by God to win!)

(US Military Sign)

(Lego piece)

(Skateboard - the guy in the shop just laughed when we told him we were playing a game)

(Best Hat - nope, we lost)

(Best Jesus Thing - nope, we lost, and the old lady in this shop hit me, very lightly)

 (Misspelled sign...  NOPE - it is supposed to be Souvenir)

 (Group of 5 foreigners)

 (Best Sidewalk Toy - made better with Josh's face)

(Funniest English T-Shirt -Play Hard! Die Young! Baby Face... No More!!!)

 (Katrina ran down the street after this firetruck so we could count it)

 (Hottest guy)

(Cafe Bene)

 (Worst Hair Dye - this guy was on to our wily ways)

(Michael Jackson Picture)