Update on Life

Hello everybody,

How is everyone doing? There is a lot going on in my life at the moment - so much to describe but it is difficult to put in to words. I had a job offer in South Korea and one in Japan working for the same company that went bankrupt. However, I decided to reject both offers and start a new business with my friend Bob Wilkie. He went to a LifeSuccess Seminar in Florida for a week and is now certified as a Life Coach. That is where the previous video came from that changed my life.

So, these past few weeks I have been busy brainstorming on ideas, with Bob of course, on the best possible way to get the business up and running. There are a lot of programs and avenues we can take and everybody in their life can think of three areas which need improvement. As a Life Coach, you help people achieve their goals and desires, making their life and everyone else around them better. It is the very same thing that attracted me to teaching - changing lives for the better. Now, I can not only help children but adults as well. I have seen the improvement and change in my own life so I know that this information will work. I've been home since the middle of February and didn't really have a direction, thought I wanted to go back overseas but not really sure how I was going to do it. With this information, within three weeks I had the two job offers as well as two more interviews for companies based in Japan. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

So, lately I have been working with another guy on creating the website and getting that finalized. I have been contacting everyone I know and attempting to spread the word. For me, it is really funny when I communicate with others, I can see the areas of their lives they aren't really happy and now I can help them. I just got finished writing two articles which I am hoping are published in local news papers. I really want to write a third but need my inspiration. When they are done, I will be sure to post them on here. Additionally, when the website is finished, I will be sure to post the link. I never realized how much work goes in to starting a new business. I think the past two weeks I have been home for dinner three times when before I would be home every night.

Sharp change of subject, I am going to move out and live with a friend for the next few months. I am thinking that my move out date will be August 15th. On top of all this, I start coaching this week so that should be interesting. I still need to get my USA hockey certification. So, things have been busy busy busy to say the least but I am loving it and happier then I have ever been. I am also going to start a book so if there are any fathers reading this, please send me an email. I have a questionaire that I would greatly appreciate your help with.

Hope everyone is doing great and loving life, remember, you only get one shot at it!!! Take care and go dance!

With much love,