Johnston Canyon

One of the places we were lucky enough to go while I was in Calgary was Johnston Canyon.  I guess it is a pretty popular tourist destination and even winter we still saw quite a few people out and about on the trail.  Speaking of the trail - it was horrible.  It was packed snow that had turned into a slush/ice.  We only made up to the big fall before we had to turn around.  Then again, we had a bit of a late start and found ourselves lost for a bit before evening getting on the trail.  We took Basil with and he held his own on the hike and was romping around.  Anyway, photos...

(Johnston Canyon here we come...)

(Basil looking spry...)

(The hike begins, well, sorta...)

(I do believe we made it up to the Upper Falls)


(Rebecca and a curved tree)

(Us in front of the curved tree)

(Bas and Rebecca taking a stroll)

(Can't quite remember what was happening in this photo...)

(A few ice formations as we hiked)

(That is one happy lady...)

(I just liked the color of this broken tree)


(The trail looked awesome and I'm sure it would be awesome in the summer)

('Hey!  What is this?')

(Why it's a ketchup packet, left on the trail...)

(Photo shot)

(Tunnel, which was actually misted over and a bit slippery)

(Camera fun = artsy shot)

(Somebody needed a walking stick and it wasn't this guy...)

(And she got it)

(A ketchup packet and a soda can...)

(Now she was looking for a walking stick for me...)

(Found one, but it snapped after 2 minutes - A+ for effort)

(Upper Falls frozen)

(Some more camera fun)

(So smooth...)

(Jump shot)

(Group jump shot)

(Minus Basil of course, he is just watching)

(Dance party)

(Minus Basil - he just wants the stick)

(So we had a little bit of play time)

(This is the hill I slide down, with camera in hand.  Was only supposed to be a gentle slide but it turned into much more and rather quickly.  Luckily no bones were broken...)