Final Philly Photos

There are just those times when I get to an end of a trip and I'm making a post and there are just a whole bunch of random photos.  Well, this is one of those times.  I'll try to write under each photo more so than a blog post.  And, for those of you who do not know, both Rebecca and I are writing on this blog.  My posts have the writing under the pictures, hers do not.  Anyway, enjoy the final photos from Philly.  

(Advent is over now)

(I believe this photo was taken for the color)

(Never safe to lock your bike)

 (Ghosts exists, at least according to this decal)

 (Again, taken for the color)

 (Passed this cool piece as we were headed downtown)

 ('Breaking Free'  Not sure if that's the name, but that's what I'd call it)

 (LOVE of my life)

 (And here we got as we get ready for our jump shot)

 (And we're off, or at least one of us was)

 (You could buy little hearts or big hearts and write your wish on them)

 (Mr., this one was for you - 'Eagles go to the Superbowl!!'

(Oh, hey, it's Santa stopping by JFK Plaza)

(Passed City Hall on our way from the LOVE sculpture to the Reading Terminal Market)

(Lots of delicious food to be had at the Reading Terminal Market)

(And here's Ms. Rebecca and she gets ready to make her way into the market)

(There were probably 7 or 8 aisles with anywhere from 8 to 10 vendors)

 (Oh hey, here's Ms. Rebecca as she makes her way up one of the isles)

(Rebecca's favorite food - Cajun Creole!  It was so good we even had to go back and get some to take home before we left!)

 (Rebecca with the Liberty Bell)

(Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed)

(We passed this park on our way to Date Night)

(We started at the Sidecar Bar and Grille)

 (There was a special guest that joined us by candlelight)

 (There was a decent selection of craft beer)

 (And we had some amazing pork nachos)

 (Then we passed City Hall at night.  We passed City Hall quite a bit)

 (This was outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art at the Fairmount Water Works)

 (A view of Schuylkill River)

 (One night we went on a cheesesteak taste testing binge.  We ordered one each from Pat's, Gino's and Tony Luke's.  Myself, I'm a fan of Tony Luke's.  Rebecca on the other hand enjoyed certain aspects from each restaurant.)

(This pretty much sums up her thoughts on Tony Luke's)

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