Teach for America is Out

Well, not a whole lot to report on except for the fact that Teach for America is out. I got a generic response online which said sorry and best of luck in the future. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed but there are a few other options. I met with a large lobbying firm in Harrisburg on Friday and I am supposed to meet with another potential employer sometime this week. Although there are job offers, it is just something about the area. To me, it just doesn't seem like there is a whole lot to do, especially without a car (which might change today since we are going to a car auction). If we do wind up getting a car I believe it will be off to Florida to see Katrina and then I don't really know where. I'd go out and buy a nice tent and a sleeping bag and hit the road, maybe for 5 days, maybe for 25 days, I just don't know.

Still applying for a few other jobs as well. Some in the northwest, some in big cities. If all else fails I will probably start looking for jobs overseas again - who knows? Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. Take care and best of luck with all of your adventures.