Bongeunsa Temple

We've been on the lookout for shoes for quite some time. Not for myself, but for Katrina. She wanted to get a pair of warmer shoes instead of slip-ons since it is indeed winter time. So, we headed to Co-Ex Mall. Epic FAIL! At least in terms of looking for shoes. However, before we left, I did some poking around on the internet and found Bongeunsa Temple very close to get to. It was about a two minute walk once you get out of the mall. It was nice to go to a temple seeing as how we haven't been to one in quite some time. The highlight - a giant stone buddha and a monk chit chatting on what appeared to be his smart phone; I guess living a simple life has taken on a new meaning in the 21st century. Anyway, apologies for the delay.

('What did the monk say when he ordered a pizza? 'Can you make me one with everything?')

(Front of the temple, I guess you could call it that)

(Giant statue)

(Thirsty? Why wait?)

(Ceremony of sorts which I still do not understand)

(Another view of the temple with Spenser's fish eye lens)

(Regular lens)

(Fish eye lens again. It captures so much more in a photo. It is close to a 180 degree shot of the plaza where the statue stood.)

(This just gives you an idea of how close the temple is located to some downtown buildings)

(I liked the ribbons and this painting)

(The ribbons began at the entrance of the temple and ran to the picture above which was a shrine in the heart of the temple. This is Katrina and I as we are leaving.)

(Again you can see the shrine with ribbons)

(2012 - the Year of the Dragon. I wonder if the Chinese New Year predicts an apocalypse in 2012???)