Sanjeong Lake

Thankfully, in Korea, they celebrate Lunar New Year (for more information see - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_New_Year). I got three days off of work and therefore a five day weekend. Not a lot, I know, but enough to recharge. Wednesday was just a rest and relaxation day and Katrina and I went for Indian food for lunch. Thursday and Friday night we spent at Sanjeong Lake, at a place called Full House Pension.

It was a great location and a unique little town to say the least. We took a bus to the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and from there, another busy to Uncheon. I wish I had a picture of the Uncheon Bus Terminal but I sadly forgot to get one. After that it was about a $10 taxi ride to the lake.

The area around the lake was quite entertaining and there was a carnival atmosphere. There were bumper cars, a mini roller coaster, one of those rides that spins you around and around, several rides for children, as well as several carnival games (throw darts at balloons, shoot fake guns, archery, throw the balls into the tiny holes). Also, there were plenty of trails to go hiking, a place to go ice skating on the lake (my favorite), and a few restaurants and marts to buy the essentials. There was also a little sculpture park around Sanjeong Lake which was interesting. Overall, it was a great trip and a wonderful chance to get out of the city for a few days, get some fresh air, get outside a bit, and relax.

(Full House, the place we stayed. It was a bit on the expensive side but well worth it and cheaper than going somewhere.)

(Ours was the one right at the top of the steps on the right. As you can tell, Katrina was excited.)

(Inside - I really enjoyed the wood on the walls. You don't find that very often in Korea, at least in the apartments. Also, there was a little loft which was nice.)

(The kitchen area - better than in my apartment...)

(Sculpture coming out of Sanjeong Lake)

(Another interesting sculpture)

(One more, at night)

(Carousel in the Amusement Park section)

(Pirate ship and some other rides for kids. The lake is about a 2 minute walk past all of the rides.)

(Ice Fishing - Korean Style)

(Me on my skates. I loved skating on a lake/pond, haven't been able to do that in a while. The setting was amazing, without a doubt better than in Seoul, at least for me. And, the skates weren't too bad!)

(Katrina in action with her figure skates)

(Action photo of me)

(An awesome house/temple, I'm not quite sure, we saw walking around the lake)

(A nifty little tree - aKorean guy was more than happy to practice his English and take our picture.)

(One last view as we were walking around the lake)

(A silly photo of me eating some kim-chi jiggae. Katrina helped and ate the tofu. It was quite delicious and hit the spot late the first night.)

(Another hike we went on up the mountain instead of around Sanjeong Lake)

(Same hike, different photo)

All in all it was a fantastic little get away. I am feeling recharged and ready to take on the last few weeks of the semester. Then, it's only one more semester left until I re-sign. Also, I have a week long vacation I get to take yet so I'll probably head to Jeju when it gets a bit warmer out. I'll tell you one thing, winters suck in Korea, especially without my skates. In fact, most people I have talked to are not a big fan of winter in Korea. Maybe next year I'll have a better idea of what to do. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and loving life!


Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun!

linda said...

Glad you like Uncheon/Sanjeong Lake. I'm actually teaching in this little town and found your blog randomly:) Looking forward to some pond skating now. Cheers!