Philly - Breakfast and Murals

One day in the middle of December Rebecca and I made a trip to Philly.  She's told me several times how much she had wanted to see the city so as a Christmas gift we booked a few nights on AirBnB and made our way east on the Pennsylvania turnpike.  The trip was a busy one as we only had a few days in the city of Brotherly Love.  It was filled with:  food, art, walking, more food, and more art.  Most importantly, and this goes into the food category, she got the opportunity to experience a genuine Philly Cheesesteak.  She's a Pat's gal.  I'm a Tony Luke's guy.  But, there will be more on that to come.  

On one of our first days she found a great breakfast spot called Sabrina's Cafe.  A quaint cafe which supposedly had good coffee.  I can't vouch, I'm not a coffee drinker.  However, the food was amazing.  I had "The Cure for Hunger" Breakfast special - Cheddar cornbread topped with hot Italian sausage, bell peppers, onions, chilies and home fries finished with a mango-melon BBQ jam.  Good.  Rebecca's breakfast stole the spotlight though.  She had "No Sanctuary" Special Stuffed French Toast.  It was some sort of special bread stuffed with sweet cream cheese, apples, apricots, candied walnuts and other yummy, tasty treats topped in a berry-honey syrup.  We easily could have shared.  Of course, we didn't.  No leftovers either...

After breakfast we made our way back towards the center of town stopping at a few murals along the way.  The city of Philly has maps with routes for the Mural Walks.  There were 2 separate routes and I believe each was under 2 miles.  So, we got to see a ton of murals (PDF of Mural Walk - Map).  So, here are a few of the photos from the day...

(Sabrina's Cafe - Best Brunch in Philly)

(There were quite a few chalkboards up inside the restaurant - rather enjoyed this one in particular)

(Part of the menu - Brunch specials)

("The Cure for Hunger")

("No Sanctuary" Special Stuffed French Toast)

(A quaint little cafe)

(Never Floss with Strangers)

(Sweet Bike Lock - too bad it didn't do much good...)

(The murals begin...)

(Animal mural outside the animal shelter)

(One of my favorites because of the extra dimensions)

(Same mural, because it was really big, at a different angle)

(Pixelated impressionist mural)

(Hot dogs and a finger pointer)

(For Fido - fun dog treat snack station we passed on our walk)

(May the Force be With You as well)


(A Family Feast)

(Just to give you an idea of the scale)

("Pride and Progress")

(More "Pride and Progress")

(Even more murals)

(Philadelphia Muses)

(Some wacky stuff on the side of a building)

(Perhaps my favorite because of the texture)

(The texture...)