Weekend in Central Pennsylvania

Just another weekend in Central Pennsylvania.  It started on a Friday night in good ol' Starchie's garage.  His buddy Phil, who I might add will probably not be a legend in Bali some day, came over and we shot pucks at a mean looking bunny rabbit.  The pucks weren't intended for the bunny rabbit, it was merely there so the garage wall didn't get dinged up.  Instead, we were aiming for some PVC piping sitting atop a bag.

The next day, for some reason, I did not find myself on the pond, but rather hanging with my buddy Chevy.  I called to see what he was up to and he told me to come on over and we'd go snowboarding.  Well, we went snowboarding, in his backyard.  They had a ramp and jump set up.  I went off it, once, with the help of all the guys there as they walked me about half way down the ramp before letting me go.  Not sure if I mentioned it or not, this was my first time ever snowboarding.  I had a blast and to be honest, found myself addicted.  Thankfully, Chevy had extra gear including snow pants, gloves, a baklava, boots, and a board.  A good time was had by all.

More time spent on the pond and the 2nd anniversary of my sister's 29th birthday was celebrated at What If in Hershey.  Here are a few photos from the events that transpired.

 (Here's the angry bunny, or rodent, or creature of sorts.  Phil and Starchibald signed the plywood.)

(Tank takes a few shots to see if he still had the magic touch - he didn't)

(After a few beers and a few stories I was honored when the fellas asked me to put my name up there - JC)

 (Start of snowboarding, decked out and ready to go and yes, that's me behind the glasses)

 (Started off with a longer board until I got the feel)

 (After a few runs I was allowed to use Chevy's shorter board - handled much better)

 (Here's a view of the ramp and if you look closely enough you can see the jump)

(Nice little fire we had going to keep warm - those of you who live around here know how could it's been lately...) 

 (We were lucky enough to get snow the one night we were skating)

(JH having a drink)

 (Set up a few lawn chairs and you're good to go)

(My pops came out and skated the one night and here he is, after he took his skates off.  First time in 3 years he said.)

(And the snow kept coming)

 (And coming)

 (And coming)

(There's a puck in the photo, see if you can find it.  A few times as we were playing it got lost.  It took us about 45 minutes to shovel off the pond and everyone was pretty much shot at that point.)

(Photo from my sister's birthday party!  Woot Woot!)


Pond Hockey

One of my favorite things to do in life is skate on a pond.  As many of you know I've played hockey all of my life and there's a certain meditation I've found being on the ice - the rest of the world, my problems, whatever is going on, all seem to disappear and there's a magic unlike any other as my skates hit the ice.  This feeling is magnified and amplified on a pond, outdoors, with the breeze in my face and surrounded by nature.  While the skating conditions may not be ideal, the atmosphere is unreal.  Fortunately, neighbors and family friends have a pond in their yard and when the weather cooperates, pond hockey happens.  Here are a few of the photos from a few days a few weeks ago:

(A shot of the ice, late at night, as the drizzling rain came down)

(The ice was so bad at one point I decided to wear a helmet...  I'm a pretty good skater for those of you don't know or who have never seen me play.)

(Here you can get a sense of the rain and how wet it was while we played.  I literally took my skate off and poured water out of it when we finished.)

(A shot of the ice)

(I grew up playing hockey with Kritty's brother and luckily for us, he was a goal tender.  Even luckier, he decided to go home and get his gear and suit up.  We stayed out until midnight on the worst ice I've ever skated on just because we had a tendy.  Special thanks Kritty.)

(A few of the players from left to right - Chevy, Barry, myself, Frankie, Trevor, and Kritty without his pads on earlier in the day.)

(Not quite sure what I was doing here - I do know rum and coke slushies were being made, hence the blue cup in the foreground.)

(This sweater was a gift from a family in Canada, the Anhorn's.  Currently, at least in the realm of pond hockey, it stands undefeated at 6 - 0.  Not sure if it will be retired, although I highly doubt it.)

(The one afternoon I was able to make it out before anyone else got there - Heaven on Earth)

(Chevy, myself, and Frank, with Stu-Ball photo bombing in the background)

(The one night my nephew made his way to the pond - it's always a pleasure to skate with him)

(The happiness is evident)


Todd Snider in York

Todd Snider.  He's a folk singer from Portland, Oregon.  I came across his music a few years back when I was introduced to it by my father.  My father was introduced to him by a man named Bill Pearson.  His music is insightful and philosophical, whimsical and funny.  His stories are even better.  So, when I heard he was going to be playing in York I knew I had to go.  Seeing Todd Snider live is something that's always been on my bucket list.  I can now check it out.

I was also able to enjoy the show with my father, another avid Todd Snider fan and needless to say, he didn't disappoint.  A special thanks to my pops for a wonderful evening, for driving, and for the tickets.  It will be a night I'll remember for quite some time.  

(Pops getting in on a jump shot - right in the middle)

(The venue was the Capitol Strand Theatre in York)

(An interesting Tin Man statue across the street)

(My excitement and happiness before the show started)

(Inside the theatre)

(A man named Kevin Gordon opened and from what I recall his music was a bit depressing)

(After Kevin finished his set we moved upstairs)

(Todd rocking out and telling stories)

(PBR Pounders were on special and this one was bought by Mrs. Pearson.  Not surprisingly, we saw her and her son at the show.  Chris used to play a lot of Todd Snider songs.)

(This shots a little closer - it was tough with the lighting)

(For the final set Todd and Kevin played together)

(The show lasted a good 3 hours and was fantastic.  If you get the chance, don't hesitate and go see Todd Snider live!)

(Pops and I at the end of the night - 2 happy fellas)


Happy Birthday Pop Pop

A few weeks ago my grandmother planned a surprise 80th birthday for my grandfather with the help of her daughter and son as well as several family members.  Pop Pop and I had discussed making the trip to Stomp Knockers, a restaurant in Florida that has all you can eat Catfish.  However, that was not to be the case as there was a surprise in order.  

Everyone did a great job and Pop Pop seemed pleasantly surprised.  There were around 40 people there, a few from his past and a lot of friends.  He had a great time and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his surprise 80th birthday party!

A special thanks to Aunt Jody and Uncle Rusty as well as Kara and Kyle for hosting.  The food was delicious. 

Happy Birthday Pop Pop!  Hopefully we'll share some more memories!

(The birthday boy as we were singing.  His button says, 'SHOW ME UR TITS  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!)

(Kara and Aunt Jody.  AJ seems a bit perplexed by something...)

(Sis and I)

(Mimi chatting with the ladies)

 (Hanging out around the kitchen counter)

(There was a pretty full house)

 (A few of the ladies hanging out around the dining room table)

(AJ once again seems perplexed, by something else this time as Kara comforts her and Kyle laughs.  She seems to be a good one for taking photos.)

(Mimi and Pop Pop - the 2 love birds)

(Jamie, my brother in law, Pop Pop, and myself)

(Tom and Cleaver at the bar)

 (This was as we sang Happy Birthday)

(There was a fake candle on top so it took Pop Pop a few times to blow it out)

(Don't Worry - Be Angry, which was hard to do with German Chocolate Cake)

 (My dad, Pop, and Aunt Jody - Son, Father, and Daughter)

(Another great face by Aunt Jody.  This was after she flashed the camera...)

(Quite a few people enjoying cake around the table)

(Nanette and my sister snuck in for a shot)

(Mimi is super excited about something)

(The grandkids and great grandkids.  Unfortunately, Colin ate some bad shrimp the nite before and was unable to attend.  We were also missing Meatball.)

(3 Generations of Cassels)