Muuido Island

For some reason, we had a three day weekend a few weekends back. So, Katrina and I decided to go to Muuido, a place I've wanted to travel to in Korea. I've heard a lot about it and wanted to check it out. We went to Incheon Airport and caught a bus from there, the 222 I believe. After we got off the bus we hopped on the ferry, which runs pretty frequently. It was a 5 minute ferry ride to the island. Literally, you could walk to the island in about 10 minutes if there wasn't any water. I think they dredge just so the ferry people can continue to have a job or else it's cheaper than building a bridge, which is also a viable option.

After we got off the ferry, we took the only bus on the island to a beach on the opposite side of the island. It was about a 10 minute ferry ride and we set up our tent right on the beach. We've had some great camping locations in Korea! On the first day we just hung out, relaxed. The second day we went on a hike and on the last day we got to see people try to catch fish with their hands. It was a lot of fun and we got to spend the weekend with Spenser and his girlfriend 'Ellen.' It was a nice relaxing weekend which I was looking for but I'm not sure I'll be making the trip back anytime soon.

(Katrina on the ferry)

(View of the beach we stayed at)

(Having a little fun playing cards)

(Teaching Ellen new card games)

(We did have two great nights of sunsets)

(A nice sunset picture)

(Spenser and Ellen got a little minbak right on the beach so we hung out there both nights and played some cards. Ellen taught us the Korean game - GO/STOP.)

(Kayne West in the front as we were on our hike)

(Nice little spot to take a picture)

(Katrina out on a rock, doing her thing)

(Found this little guy on me so I set him on a tree and took a picture)

(That's me at the highest point on Muuido)

(Spenser and Katrina posing for a picture)

(Great shot of the group)

(So the fish festival. They put a net in the ocean in the middle of the net all along the cove we were in. Then, as the tide goes out the fish are trapped. I'm guessing the tide goes out a good half mile. This is the ocean before the start of the event.)

(It was this man's duty to make sure nobody was crossing the line and he did a great job!)

(The crowd getting a bit anxious)

(It seemed like an event for families, come, hang out at the beach, catch some fish with your bare hands, have a picnic...)

(And they're off!)

(There were easily a thousand people. Look in the background, that's the same ocean shot.)

(One of the minbaks Spenser stayed in)

(Another shot of the people)

(This man caught a fish and you can see others looking)

(Here you can see the netting and people trying to catch fish)

(Spenser and his monster catch)