Baltimore Part II

Our second day in Baltimore was pretty low key.  We woke up and headed back to Fell's Point for some breakfast.  After breakfast we went back to the boat to hang out for a bit.  Doriel decided to take us on a little cruise on his motor boat.  We passed by Fort McHenry, home of the Star Spangled Banner, cruised around a bit while Doriel did some fishing, and finished off the tour at Inner Harbor.  Here are a few of the photos from our adventure.  

(Beer car again in a little different light)

(Nice little photo as we made our way back to Fell's Point)

(Thames Street early on a Sunday Morning)

(Thought it was rather interesting the way these tree roots formed to the environment)

(Passed a pirate ship of sorts...)

(Doriel getting the boat ready for our cruise)

(Captain making sure everything is in order)

('Let the Good Time's Roll' was the name of the boat we stayed on...)

(Passed a few Navy vessels and the word big doesn't even begin to describe their size)

(Fort McHenry)

(Another shot of the Fort with part of the harbor in the background)

(More mamooth ships)

(That building is probably 2 stories tall, if not bigger)

(Old dock)

(Myself, first mate - my father, and the captain - Doriel)

(View of Inner Harbor as we approached)

(Submarine you can tour if you feel so inclined to do so while staying in Baltimore)


Baltimore Part I

A few months ago my dad had some work to do down around the Baltimore area so Rebecca and I tagged along for a chance to explore the city.  We ended up staying with my dad's friend Doriel on a houseboat in Fell's Point which was a wonderful experience in and of itself.  We also got a chance to see a tiny bit of the city and do some exploring around Fell's Point.  Seeing as how it was so long ago, it's hard for me to remember details but I'll try to add some commentary on the photos.  

 (View of the Marina)

 (This was the house boat that we slept on)

(Pops and I having a little chit chat before him and his buddy went golfing)

 (Rebecca going for a ride...)

 (The car was crafted from beer memorabilia)

 (I was told to act like a crab and so I did)

 (Random window photo)

(View on Thames Street)

(Old Man sitting on a bench with some pigeons around)

 (The Greene Turtle - This establishment came highly recommended from a friend.  However, we went in around noon the place was dead.  So, we moved on to a different place.)

(This was another place we stopped in to check out but decided to keep on moving - did like the stickers on the door!)

 (Harrisburg has cows and I guess Baltimore has beer cars)

(So about half way through the day we decided to stop at a coffee shop and warm up.  For quite some time we'd been talking about playing Cards Against Humanity.  Well, while we were in the coffee shop I noticed the game Apples to Apples.  There were 2 students sitting there studying so I asked if they wanted to play Apples to Apples.  The one mentioned she had Cards Against Humanity sitting in her apartment right across the street.  So, we said sure why not?  We also added 2 other members to the group and played Cards Against Humanity with 4 strangers - had a blast!)

 (Here's Looking at You... fun coffee mug)

(My dad's buddy Doriel)

 (I guess he was feeling like Superman or the need to pose like Superman)

 (Thames Street at night and The Cat's Eye Pub)

 (This guy was the bouncer and noticed the camera and felt the need to take some photos)

 (So we took a few photos)

 (Not sure what was happening here...)

 (The 3 amigos before we headed back to the boat)

 (The dock leading the way back to the houseboat)

(View of the marina at night)