I achieved my goal for the month - I am now able to solve a Rubik's cube. We had a lot of time on the bus since it was a holiday weekend. We played a game of Scrabble, Monopoly, and Spenser was able to teach me the final few steps in the Rubik's cube. This was the first one I solved, by accident, I admit, but I now can do it on my own. Don't get me wrong, it's no 5 seconds like the world record, but I can do it.

As for the trip, we arrived in Gangwondo in the afternoon, went to the beach for a little, saw mirror lake, ate some homemade tofu, saw the houses of the woman on the 50,000 won bill as well as her son's, who is on the 5,000 won bill, met Ellen's family (including Honey), went and got coffee with them, ate a delicious meal, ate a second delicious meal, came back and played some Wii and relaxed. On Sunday, we ate breakfast, went to another water side temple, and got to hang out on the beach for a bit. We had to come back for work on Monday while most other people had it off for Independence Day. All in all it was a fantastic weekend!

(First one, by accident, but still the first one)

(Sculpture at the beach)

(Myself, Katrina, Amy, and Spenser)

(Katrina at mirror lake)

(Katrina eating tofu)

(Jump shot for the trip)

(Black bamboo, my first time seeing it)

(More temple shots)

(A nice artsy shot by Katrina)

(Possible kim-chi pots, I'm not sure)

(Guy on the Korean 5 dollar bill - 5,000 won)

(Woman on the Korean 50 dollar bill - 50,000 won)

(Spenser hanging with honey and Katrina)

(Honey and Katrina)

(Me being a kid and trying ti fill up a broken squirt gun I found on the beach so I could squirt someone with it.)

(Fireworks on the beach at night)

(Myself, Katrina, and Honey)

(Touching the Fat Buddha at the waterside temple)

(Giant statues)

(Amy, Ellen, and myself)

(Sweet dragon motif on the side of the building)

(Hanging on the rocks)

(Katrina refreshing herself)

(If you look in the bottom right, you can barely see Katrina. Hopefully, that gives you an idea of just how large the statues are.)

(Katrina again)

(Sweet gold statue with 108 gold hands)

(Found some more of the Buddha action figures at this temple)

(A sweet cave like structure)

(Inside the main sanctuary of the cave)

(A wall shot)

(A ceiling shot in the cave)

(Last day, hanging on the beach, Ellen with her life jacket on)

(A shot of Spenser and I)


National Palace Museum, Changing of the Guard, Traditional Tea, and so much more

A friend of a friend of a friend. That's the best way I can describe Amy. But, she's awesome. I said something to Spenser about going to a traditional tea house he had been to before and he said he was up for it so away we went. It turned out to be a very long but great day with lots of sightseeing and adventure. We started off with the National Palace Museum right outside of Gyeongbokgung, then got some lunch. After that, it was off to tea before relaxing along the Han for a bit. Next, we rode a water taxi on the Han, well worth it, at least once. Finally, we finished the night in Hongdae for a delicious dinner and a few sips of maggoli. All in all, a very full day and lots of fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

(The new, cool thing to do in photos... in front of Gyeongbok Palace)

(Walking along the wall to lunch we magically appeared at this little photo opportunity)

(Not sure, but it's something along the lines of I will never grow old or die old since I walked through that gate...)

(Start of the National Palace Museum - these little guys were used by the kings servants to commandeer horses and men, and other supplies)

(Sweetest clock ever. It was a water clock that was magical, to say the least.)

(Traditional Korean Clothing - Hanbok)

(Instrument - rub a stick up and down this guy's or girl's back)

(Hmm... what could this guy be for in the medical section?)

(Acupuncture dummy so you know where to stick the needles)

(Changing of the Guard at Gyeongbokgung - looks pretty traditional)

(How about now?)

(Lunch time)

(Entrance to the tea house)

(Teatime - seems British...)

(Amy and her tea)

(Katrina and her tea)

(I had some apricot tea that was delicious!)

(This is how one style of tea was served)

(Courtyard at the tea house)

(The entrance again)

(Spenser and his tea with more of an artistic feel)

(What could that be? A water taxi, for us...)

(Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river)

(63 Building - famous building in Seoul)

(Another shot of the 63 Building and part of the Seoul Skyline)

(Myself, Katrina, Spenser, and Amy)

(Me being a goofball, and a not a very good one at that)

(A little subway art on the trip)

(Katrina, myself, Amy, Ellen, also a new friend, and Spenser at the end of a fantastic day)