Downtown Calgary

This past week I was fortunate enough to take the C-Train into the heart of Calgary and explore a little bit of the city.  Getting off at the City Hall terminal put me in a great spot to explore Olympic Plaza, City Hall, the Calgary Tower, Stephen Avenue which had some live music, Chinatown, as well as a few other sights and sounds.  For a Tuesday, Stephen Ave. was happening.  There were two live gigs and quite a few people standing around listening.  I also stopped by the Museum of Contemporary Art and viewed the exhibit.  It was a great first trip into the city and I'm looking forward to doing some more exploring.

(Downtown Calgary from afar)

(A quick view of the C-Train tracks I rode into town on)

 (One of the sculptures in Olympic Plaza with the Calgary Tower in the background)

(Same view in black and white)

 (There were quite a few field trips happening and all these kids were on the lawn for lunch time)

(A statue representing an Olympian)

(A different angle with City Hall in the background)

(A little information about the Famous 5...)

(A memorial to the Famous 5, all of them women who fought for suffrage)

(2 of the women enjoying tea)

(One of the ladies holding up a newspaper from the day)

(Calgary Tower)

(An interesting Horse Sculpture made from all kinds of metal parts)

 (Stephen Ave. before the festivities)

 (This band was promoting a free concert)

(It was a mix of reggae and rock.  I probably listened to them for over 20 minutes.)

(Steel 'Trees' Sculpture on Stephen Ave.)

(A little different angle)

(I have a feeling they are magical in the evening)

(Found this interesting sculpture on my way to Chinatown)

(I wasn't overly impressed with Chinatown so I didn't get any photos)

(I made my way past Chinatown to the river walk)

(Found this interesting sculpture on my way back.  These statues were probably 20 feet high, easily.)

(The Calgary Public Library was my point of reference for the day, mainly because they had public restrooms)

 (I ventured into City Hall hoping for a tour - it was a bit disappointing inside - no tours and you had to remain on the first level...)

(A memorial to fallen police officers and fire fighters in the plaza outside City Hall)

(An interesting sculpture outside the Museum of Contemporary Art.  There was free admission and the works were based on Olympians.   I'm not a huge fan of art, but a free exhibit is always worth it.)