After a month...

To be honest, winter in Korea is cold, brutally so. In fact, it makes it a bit difficult to do much of anything. Which, is why, I haven't updated in a month or so. For those of you that follow, here are some photos of a hike Katrina and I went on. Hopefully this will get me back in the flow of things and with warm weather right around the corner, hopefully there will be a few more events. Enjoy...

(Katrina hiking along)

(Nice view)

(No swimming? Warning: Deep Water. Ok, that makes sense...)

(Yep, you are on a mountain, it might drop off...)

(Interesting little bridge we found...)

(Same bridge, farther away)

(Frozen reservoir, just to give you an idea of how cold it was...)

(Interesting little wooden sculpture)

(Katrina with a nice background shot)

(A king or general of sorts that did something special)

(Plaza area before the hike)

(Yep, it's cold)