My Second Korean Wedding

Recently, well, actually now, it's been a few months, a co-worker and a friend got married. This was a lot more fun than the first Korean wedding I went to because I knew the bride pretty well and I asked if I would be able to watch the Korean part of the ceremony and she said yes. For those of you who have yet to experience a Korean wedding, there are two parts, the Western Ceremony with the white dress, tux, chapel, etc and then the more traditional Korean part of the Ceremony. Below are pictures from both.

Western Ceremony

(Myself and Anna before the wedding)

(The flower girl and boy)

(Again, receiving some last minute directions)

(Anna and her father, walking her down the aisle)

(The mothers as they prepared to walk down the aisle)

(Anna and her husband)

(The groom and bride's family after the wedding. I thought it was interesting the men wore suits while the women wore the traditional Korean hanbok.)

(They did a giant friend shot which was a lot of fun)

(This wasn't even all the friends, they had to take 2 or 3 pictures with different groups)

Traditional Korean Ceremony

(Anna in red and her husband in blue, bowing to his parents. His parents got to participate in this ceremony first because, of course, he is male, and in Korea, the males are still seen as superior to the women. To briefly describe the ceremony, the newlyweds bow, pour a little shot of alcohol, give the alcohol to those behind the table, the people behind the table say a little something, perhaps words or wisdom or advice, maybe a little good luck saying, then, after speaking, give the bride and groom an envelope with money.)

(This was actually a bit of a twist where the groom's mom and dad threw some fruits onto the white cloth. The more fruit that was caught in the cloth the more children the Anna and her husband would supposedly have...)

(Pouring the alcohol, which was a task for Anna because of her wardrobe. Everyntime she would stand up and sit down a woman would have to help her.)

(Anna all decked out. I forgot, first they served alcohol to each other.)

(The traditional piggy back. I think it's just a sign to show that the man is physically healthy and will be able to support his wife. He carried her around the table. It was actually a lot of fun to see.)

(The final pose)

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