Calgary Canucks Jr. A Home Opener

Bob is doing a little work with the Calgary Canucks Junior A team in the AJHL.  Since he is working with them, I got the invite to the home opener.  They had a parents' meeting before the home opener and afterwards a BBQ with some drinks.  It was a great chance to get to meet some of the parents of the kids and watch a good game.  The boys ended up winning 5-3 and it was a great home opener.  They started the season 0-4 after losing 3 of the games by a goal, and to make matters worse, leading going into the 3rd in all three of the games.  Here are a few of the photos from the day:

(A few of the parents before the game, a little mixer to meet the coaches and each other)

(The guy dressed up in the middle is the assistant coach for the Canucks)

(This is the head coach with his daughters)

(Bob's daughter and one of her friends are having a good time before the game)

(Thanks to Wild Rose Brewery, Bob snagged this snazzy set up for the game)

(Here it is in action)

(From the Max Bell Centre there's a sweet view of the city)

(Party Rock - not my shoes...)

(You can tell the bleachers weren't exactly packed...)

(Mainly family and friends in the stands)

(The goalie, Colin Cooper, aka Coop between periods)

(The boys get ready to take the ice before the 2nd period - with a fancy camera, you have freedom to roam and take pictures.)

(Again, here they go)

(Post game celebration - it wasn't that close although the score was 5-3)

(The boys as they come off the ice and Coop during his post game ritual)


Another Thursday Adventure...

Had another fun adventure this past Thursday.  No big hike or trip to Banff, instead we had a bit of fun around Calgary.  Started off the morning at oeb or Over Easy Breakfast.  Shereen kept telling me about the breakfast poutine there.  So, we had to try it.  She got a veggie poutine, with an egg, tomatoes, avocado, perhaps some green peppers, cheese curds of course, and the gravy was substituted with hollandaise sauce, all over seasoned potato wedges.  I got mine with bacon or lardons are they called it, eggs, hollandaise sauce, all over wedges.  Quite tasty and rather filling.  Enjoyed it with a Cesar, Calgary's 'native' alcoholic drink.

Next, since we were out and about, stopped by Hair Haven and got a cut from Lyn.  Friendly older woman who enjoyed chit chatting.  Told me she was from Thunder Bay and spent a year living in New Zeland before settling down in Calgary. The haircut was average, to say the least, but I was quite content seeing as how I've been needing one for a bit.  At one point I was a bit distraught for the simple fact I couldn't just go get a hair cut.  So, I am happy I don't have to worry about that for another few weeks.

Ended up at Stumptown, a Portland-esque coffee shop after that.  There was a 'cardboard' buffalo head.  After that, we headed to deVille Cafe and Wine Bar out towards Bridgeland.  I did a bit of writing while Shereen did a bit of studying.  I got a chocolate coffee while she had a green chai tea of sorts.  After that, we walked down to Bridgeland Market and Tazza, a middle eastern deli.  She ended up getting a pita of sorts while I was still full from breakfast.  This was around 5 in the evening.  A fun filled day with lots of adventure.  Here are a few of the photos!

(oeb Menu)

 (For a Thursday at 10 am, the place was packed.  We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table.  Nice little set up with the chalk board over head.)

 (Our neighbor was kind of enough to let us take a shot of her food - looked delicious)

(Perhaps the weakest Cesar I've had since arriving in Calgary.  No asparagus, no celery, no beef stick, nothing to really spice it up...  For those of you who don't know what a Cesar is, it's vodka, clamato, hot sauce, and worcestershire sauce.  Like I've said before, the Cesar is Calgary's claim to fame, at least in terms of mixed drinks.)  

 (Breakfast time after a little crossword action)

(It came out in what I consider a take out box.  You can see the egg and hollandaise sauce, as well as a few bacon bits and perhaps a cheese curd or two and maybe even a potatoe wedge.  It's pretty hard to mess up fries, eggs, and bacon for breakfast and this was a hearty meal.)

(It actually says - OVEREASY)

 (Time for a hair cut - you'll see what it looks like later)

(Stumptown Coffee Shop)

 (They also had a record store)

 ('Flight of the Conchords' album)
(Cardboard buffalo head a Stumptown - they sell their own coffee as well)

 (Trying to figure out what to order)

(Time for some writing - notice the new haircut)

 (Green tea of sorts and chocolate coffee)

(Shot of deVille Coffee and Wine bar)

(Here's what part of the shop looks like)

 (Bridgeland Market)

(Ok, not sure why I took photos inside the market.  It wasn't a sweet floating market like in Vietnam or an awesome street market like in Korea or Thailand.  Not sure what I was thinking... but I did it anyway.)

 (Black and white shot)

(Again, not sure what's so great about it, but Shereen seems to love it)

(A nice little quote and painting based on the teachings of Bob Ross - There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.)

(Entrance to Tazza, the Middle Eastern Deli)

(A lot of the food looked great)

 (I'm hoping to get back at some point for a falafel sandwich)

 (Again, looked yummy)

 (A shot of the menu, although not the best - Menu at Tazza)

 (There was a little dining room in the deli as well as some seats on the porch.  Thinking about it now sure makes me hungry for a cheese steak...)

(Shereen grabbed a pita or sorts, can't remember what kind.  Anyway, she wasn't overly impressed... I still want to try a falafel sandwich.)

(This is just a random shot of the moon the other night - it looked huge)


My First Time... Acupuncture

Even while I was in Korea, I never took the time to get acupuncture.  A friend and co-worker went a few times and said he enjoyed it.  Plus, it was super cheap in Korea, costing about 3,000 won or $3 if I remember correctly.  Well, fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Shereen is taking a class to become certified so she can administer acupuncture.  And, guess who gets to help her study?  Which, also means she pokes me with needles in various places.  

The experience itself was unlike any other.  Surprisingly, the initial part of the process, putting the needle in, really didn't hurt at all.  There were a few times there was a slight pinch, but nothing more.  The strangest sensations came from when she would start to move the needle around once it was in a certain location.  Some times I could feel my muscles fire, other times it was that weird sensation you get throughout your entire body that kind of tingles.  After she was finished, my leg felt like it had just finished a workout and the muscles were fatigued.  It was quite interesting and I would definitely do it again.  

I do believe the next time she goes back to class, she learns how to put electrodes or an electrical shock through the needle.  So, I'm sure that will be quite the sensation in and of itself.  I guess your muscles can fire like crazy when that happens.  Hopefully, I'll be able to let you know.  Anyway, here are a few photos from our acupuncture session.  We also did a bit of studying afterwards, so who knows, if you're interested, I might be able to stick a needle or two in you.  Enjoy!

 (This was not the first needle, but the first one for the camera.  If I remember it is supposed to help either with the stomach or the gall bladder.  They are supposed to stay in for around 20 minutes, however, she just needed to memorize 20 points, so each one only stayed in for 5 minutes tops.)

 (A few times I had 2 needles going at the same time)

 (Here's a closer view, just wish it would have been a little better lighting)

 (My artsy shot for the day - no jump photo this time...  not allowed to move with the needles in)

(Close up)

(This one went between my big toe and second tie and went in pretty deep)

(Saddie watched as I was getting poked.  She had the chance to volunteer but decided against it...)

(I guess I took another artsy shot)