10¢ Wings and 5¢ Candy

Last Monday, Shereen and I went to Donegal's Irish Pub.  The reason - 10 cent wings.  It's hard to complain about wings, especially when you get 10 for $1.  We sat on the patio since it was nice out and while the wings were a bit small (not quite sure what anyone would expect for 10 cents), the flavors were quite tasty.  I think we tried the mild, which had a bit of heat, sweet chili, whiskey BBQ, and bacon chipotle.  Like I said, all the flavors were rather tasty and I would go back again.  Also, because it is 'Wing Night,' I believe they do not cook to order, they just fry a bunch and have them waiting.  They also had 'schooners' which were pretty much a mini pitcher of beer for $7.99 or $8.99 and I was feeling great after only 2.  So, that was fun.  With all the critique, I would go back.  It's more for the company and $1 wings then the food.

I didn't realize I turned into a food critic, probably because I'm not.  Next, Shereen asked me if I wanted to do something 'really Canadian.'  And yes, those are quotes, because that's exactly what she said.  And of course, you know what I said - 'Yes!'  I was thinking poutine or maple syrup something, maybe even some Canadian Bacon ice cream...  Where do we go?  7-Eleven.  What do we do?  Get 5¢ candy.  Pow!  I've never felt more Canadian in my life (probably because I've never felt Canadian to begin with).  On a side note, they also have 25¢ candy in the same section, and if you are sneaky and somewhat scandalous like a certain young woman I know, you might just throw a few of those into the bag.

The story's not over yet...  but close.  Before we got in the van to head home, we went for a little walk.  Along the way, we 'passed' a Wal-Mart where I ended up getting hangers and a few candles for myself and some dates for Shereen, even though we just had candy.  I think someone has a sweet tooth and it's not this guy.  And that, is the end of the story.  Here are a few photos I grabbed off the internet since I didn't have my camera.

 (Entrance to Donegal's Irish Pub)

(Kind of what our wings looked like...)

(Shereen did manage to snap a photo with her smart phone and here's me with my schooner.  And I helped her, and we got one more.  And I need a hair cut, soon...)

(Stock 7-ELEVEN photo)

 (A special thanks for this young woman and her blog.  This is 5¢ candy Super Size Edition.  The 7-ELEVEN we went into had about 20 choices and as you can tell, it varies from store to store.  Again, special thanks to http://65redroses.livejournal.com/90854.html.)  

(You put the candies in a bag and then go up and tell the cashier how many you have and you are charged, based on the honor system.  I saw a few people snacking on candies as we waited, and yes, I'll say it, Shereen was one of them...  Anyway, I was curious, if people didn't 'snack' while they were picking out candies and were honest with the count, I wonder if 5 cent candies could be cheaper?) 

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