Han River Cruise (At Night) Part II

Thursday during summer vacation, myself, Katrina, and Spenser all went to the Han in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge from the river.  However, sadly, we came up a bit short as the tour we took didn't go far enough down the river to reach Banpo Bridge.  Nevertheless, it was a pleasant experience and one I rather enjoyed. I would recommend taking the Hangang Cruise if you get a chance.  It was only 11,000 won or about $10.  I am going to miss the prices in Korea, that's for sure.  Anyway, have a look and see for yourself.

(A few Koreans standing outside GS25 watching the Olympics - judo I think)

(Two more new buildings going up - I will say, the economy in Korea appears to be booming.  Whether or not it actually is, well, I couldn't say.  I'm not an economy expert...)

(The sun setting over the park along the Han)

(A slightly different view)

(The 63 Building, so aptly name due to the fact there are 63 floors.  It's pretty famous in Korea.)

(An older lady selling some goods, some goods that light up)

(Getting to be nightime)

(My beautiful girlfriend)

(Another night shot of a bridge)

(Myself on the boat with the city behind me)

(Katrina posing for a picture)

(Sweet bridge)

(Another sweet bridge)

(Same bridge with the 63 building in the background.  It's the tallest one in the picture.)

(Under the same bridge)

(Different bridge)

(A few of the buildings along the water)

(The National Assembly building - the place where the Korean Legislative Body meets)

(A cute shot of the couple)

(My buddy Spenser came along - 63 Building again in the background)

(O' Captain, my captain for the evening)


Start of Vacation

To start off summer vacation last week, a few of us at the office decided to go out for a night of fun.  I am going to miss the fact that drinking in public is acceptable.  Sometimes, it is nice to go into a convenience store, grab a beer, and sit outside and have a drink.  Or, have a drink in a park.  Can't do that in America but it is a-o-k in Korea.  So, we had a few drinks and then went out to a nearby city.  Nothing major, just a fun time.  

(Josh preparing for the evening)

(Spenser making some last minute calls to get the gang together)

(Katrina and Spenser before we hopped in the taxi)

(Harry Long with 'Double A,' a friend we picked up for the evening)

 (Not sure what's happening here, but Katrina and Drew seem to be excited)

(Spenser Rodriguez swinging away in the batting cages)

(Katrina getting her photo with Double A and the rest of the gang hanging outside the batting cages)

 (Drew, who doesn't seem too pleased to have Double A)

 (Spenser and Double A)

 (Harry hanging out)

(Josh was saying something serious about the governments attempt to do something or other, perhaps along the lines of brain control, not sure)

 (Katrina and myself at Crazy Duck)

(The Ninja Josh bustin' a move)

 (I think he called this dance Mein Kampf, but I can't quite remember)

(Josh preparing for a Judo chop in this one)

 (And now he's breaking the board - I liked this shot because of the light)

(Nice little tree outside)

(Drew at the chicken place right before he left for the evening)

 (Spenser trying to figure out what to order - ended up with chicken in a sauce along with quite a few chicken necks)

 (Josh was pretty hungry after all of his dancing)

(Chicken Time)