Portage Bay and Hopes of Hiking

As soon as we arrived in Seattle, possibly shortly thereafter, Momo started telling us about her favorite restaurant - Portage Bay.  So, one Sunday morning we loaded into the car and took off for Portage Bay.  Their whole things is farm to table.  The food was amazing.  Momo got a sampler breakfast of sorts with pancakes and a trip to the fruit bar.  The fruit bar had all sorts of fruits, some nuts, whipped cream, and lots of goodies.  And her fresh ham was unlike any ham I'd ever eaten.  It melted in my mouth.  It was amazing.  Joel and I both got the Migas - 3 eggs scrambled with chipotle & cumin, tillamook medium & sharp cheddar, fresh basil, homemade salsa & sour cream, folded into a large flour tortilla with an avocado salsa garnish, and a side of roasted organic potatoes.  Very flavorful and a bit on the spicy side.  Rebecca decided to go with the Farmer's Hash - 3 scrambled eggs, a variety of local, organic, sustainably grown vegetables, roasted onions, fingerling potatoes, fresh herbs, served with house-made toast.  (You can check out the website here - Portage Bay)  

After a fulfilling breakfast we headed out into the country for a quick 4 mile hike up Rattlesnake Mountain Trail.  Things didn't go exactly as planned and our hike was cut a bit short.  However, the weather was nice enough we could hang out by the water and enjoy the sunshine.  So, we did.  Here are a few of the photos for the day.

 (Inside of Portage Bay)

(Open kitchen so you can see everything that's happening back of the house)

 (Me and one happy me.  The photos on the wall behind me were the farms where the ingredients for our meal came from.  So, that was interesting to see.)


(Rebecca's Farmer's Hash)

 (Momo's sampler - a little bit of everything.  The ham is closest to the bottom of the photo.)

(Me a Miga)

(The journey begins as we eye our conquest for the day)

(This was the outcropping where we were headed)

(A little sign to point us in the right direction)

(Some tall tall trees - usually a sign of a good hike)

 (The sun was poking through)

(And it is lake time)

(There was talk of Rebecca swimming across.  However, after standing in the water for about 30 seconds our legs went numb and so that idea was nixed.)


(Throwing rocks, but not at the duck)

(And a duck in all its splendid colors.  Possibly a mallard.  I don't know the difference.)

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