Philly Part II

Rebecca is an artsy person so we made sure to stop by a few art museums while we were in Philadelphia.  Luckily, as is the case with most major cities, there were quite a few public sculptures and pieces on display.  This was right up Rebecca's alley.  As for galleries, we viewed the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  A few blocks from Philadelphia's historic City Hall, there was a special exhibit by David Lynch.  For those of you who don't know, and I wouldn't have either if it were not for Rebecca, David Lynch produced Twin Peaks.  Twin Peaks is a bit out there.  David Lynch's artwork is a bit out there.  Never met the man, but I'm guessing he's a bit out there.  Anyway, I'm not much of a writer but here are a few photos.

(William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, atop City Hall)

(Benjamin Franklin - Of course there'd be a statue of this guy in Philly)

(Big game of Monopoly, Sorry, Bingo, and dominoes)

(As well as chess)

(Dominoes up close.  Using the person in the background should give you a sense of how big these were.)


(You get me I'll get you back...)

(Am curious as to why these numbers were chosen for the dominoes)

(Ginormous paint brush outside the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts)

(The wall as we entered)

(Some birds of sort, not really for me)

(William Penn atop the paint brush)

(This was in the friend's of David Lynch exhibit inside the David Lynch exhibit)

(This is one of David Lynch's pieces - again, a bit out there)


(He liked to use cardboard as a medium)

(And this gem we passed quite a few times on our walks.  Not sure I'd want to assemble.)

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