The Gang Heads to Gas Works

The one day Momo had a previous engagement so Joel rounded up the gang and we did a little more exploring.  We headed to another place close to the water called Gas Works.  Gas Works is a Park in Seattle on the site of a former gas plant.  There are definitely remnants of the plant but thankfully no odor.  It is a great little park and there are plenty of areas for kids to play.  Also, we saw slack liners (tight rope walkers) and L.A.R.P.ers (Live Action Role Players).  This particular group was dressed in armor and looked medieval.  And so another journey in Seattle was a success.   

(The area as we entered the park)

 (A tunnel of sorts)

 (Tubes and turbines, turbines and tubes)

 (Some more metal works at Gas Works)

 (Lots of graffiti and a few squatters, although no photos of them)

(More metal)

(If you look closely you'll find Rebecca and the Space Needle)

 (Here was the slackline)

 (Portion of the old abandoned gas plant)

(Here you can see more of the abandoned plant)

(Rebecca and myself)

(Seattle's finest)

 (Joel took another great photo of us)

 (I think Rebecca just made a funny)

 (L.A.R.P.er alert - here just talking things over)

 (The battle has begun.  Although we didn't see any battles, mainly just 2 people fighting at a time.)

 (Not sure who won)

(Seattle's amphibious Duck Taxi)

(And on our ride home we got to see Mt. Rainer)

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