Shady Maple Smorgasbord

We made our way down to Shady Maple in East Earl (Amish Country) with Mimi and Pop Pop.  Rebecca had heard a lot about the smorgasbord - everyone in the family had an opinion or a story to tell.  There's a ton of food and a ton of good food.  And then some more food.

Rebecca is a vegetarian and here is the list of food she ate:

Mac and cheese
Potato pancakes
Apple fritter
Fried mushrooms
Broccoli w cheese
Cooked carrots
Gourmet raspberry bread
Dried corn
Baked yam w cinnamon and brown sugar
Baked haddock
Raspberry mousse with pineapple
Peach frozen yogurt w maraschino cherries and coconut
Baked apple

I ended up eating even more with all of the meat options.  Another reason we went down was because Pop Pop wanted to see a bit of Amish country before losing his eyesight.  So, we killed 2 birds with 1 stone, ate a lot of food and got to see a bit of Amish country.  The food was tasty, unfortunately we didn't get to see as much of Amish country as we would have liked.  Alas, here a just a few photos from the trip.  

(As you walk in there are 3-D art pieces.  It's difficult to tell here but...)

(Perhaps here you can get a sense of the dimensions)

(Hard to see to the other end but this entire hallway had 2 rows of food and each station had 10 to 12 items plus there are grills)

(The panoramic view messed up a few features but the building itself is huge)

(We had the server take a photo of us)

(Rebecca afterwards)

(We did it!!!)

(There is also a Shady Maple market/grocery store next door and here are just a few of the pies...)

(And Mimi checking out the pies)

(Rebecca hopped in a buggy)

(And for some reason there is a giant Amish guy as well...)

(My turn in the buggy)

(Rebecca going for the high five...)

(And then I was going for the high five...)

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