Jeju Part 2 - Donneko/Hallasan

After Jungmun and the falls, we hopped on a bus to the Segwipo area. We explored a bit in the area and had some Dunkin' Doughnuts before catching a bus to the Donneko Campsite. Once at the campsite, we set up our tent, and went for another little hike. We saw some signs for waterfalls so we went down to check them out. I'm not sure, but I think in Korea if there is a trickle of water, that constitutes a waterfall.

After our hike, Katrina and I decided to head back into town due to the fact that we weren't completely prepared for camping. We ended up buying a pizza and taking it back for dinner as well as getting some supplies for our hike up Hallasan the next day.

The hike was great, wasn't very difficult, but Donneko trail didn't have the best views. There was a great view right when we started the hike and then again about 20 minutes from the top. In between, there were a lot of trees. Nevertheless, it was a great hike and we hardly saw any people. It was a bit cold closer to the peak. We had rain the night before which was laying on the ground as a bit of snow as we went up the mountain. I thought I had frostbite at the top without any gloves and only in a t-shirt, fleece, and wind jacket. However, we made it down and cooked some dinner before going to sleep and going to Udo.

(Me as I conquer Korea's Niagara Falls)

(A very big rock, in the same riverbed as the waterfall)

(The hike up to the trail. The campsite is actually about an hour walk to the start of the trail. Catch the number 3 bus closer to the top and get off at the "Loyal Soul Cemetery" if you are hiking. It's the last one. This was just an interesting rock formation with grave plots in the background.)

(Me hiking, great hike, just lots of woods)

(More woods and here you can see the snow that fell the night before)

(The was a platform at the top with Seogwipo in the background and the ocean behind it)

(Great shot from Katrina - peak in the background and ice crystals on the branches. Those ice crystals are about half an inch long formed by the wind and moisture from the clouds which had constantly brazed the peak.)

(That's as close as we got to the peak due to time, tiredness, and the fact it was FREEZING!)

(Katrina as we were finishing our hike)

(A better view of the plots. Each plot was walled in and I had never seen or perhaps noticed, the unique style of burial, at least to me.)

(Cooking up ramen for dinner at the campsite with our new stove and warming up our hands a bit)

* The Donneko campsite was a great campsite. There was a shower house and bathrooms. Also, there were plenty of places for kids to play and even a rock wall. I would recommend it, especially if you rent a car. If not, make sure you head to the campsite supplied. The buses out there don't run very often, maybe once an hour. So, you might spend some time waiting for a bus or waiting to find one back to the campsite. With that being said, make sure you look at the schedule so you know what time you have to be at the bus.

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