First Ever Calgary Stamps Game

Well, I lost my Stamps V-Card.  This past Sunday, Shereen picked up tickets for $20 which included a beer and burger.  Great deal!  We had a few drinks before the game and then walked our way over to the stadium with her friend Jenn.  As soon as we got to the game the ladies were hungry so we were in search of the burger supposedly included in the ticket.  After stopping at 4 or 5 vendors I had Shereen call the bar where she bought the tickets - the burger and the beer could be found at the bar, which was not where we were.

So, we had a few more drinks and settled in for the game.  The game itself was not that exciting or perhaps the fans were not that excited about the game.  It seemed like more of a social event than a sporting event, at least the sporting events I'm used to.  In their defense, the Calgary Stampeders crushed the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 38 - 11.  That's a whole different post, but you can get a single point in the Canadian Football League (CFL).  I'm still not quite sure how that all works out, something about kick offs or punts or field goal attempts.  Silly, I know...

The ladies made some friends at the game and now have a date for Halloween where they are all going to dress up as zombie princesses.  Shereen was nominated for zombie Pocahontas.  The guys in front of us were hockey fans and the one young man was somehow related to Dale Hunter, hence the Caps hat.  Finished the evening at a bar called Moose McGuires - right down the street from the stadium.  There were perhaps a few Stampeders that showed up after the game.  Alas, here are a few photos from an eventful day...

(Stamps sticker as we made our way to the game)

(Jump shot for the day - pretty decent height if I do say so)

('Pass Holders Only')

 (As we made our way into McMahon Stadium)

 (First full view of the field)

 (This was our view for the game)

(Fireworks celebration after a Stamps score)

(Jenn and myself.  I honestly think Shereen took this picture to get the kid with the afro in the background...)

(There was a halftime show with some smaller players)

(The action made its way towards us - see if you can spot the ball, it's in the air)

 (Another Stamps touchdown celebration - the old horse and flag)

 (Fun shot of a little team spirit)

(Shereen really likes to drink so she took this picture...  Stamps Logo and all)

 (Us enjoying my first Stamps game)

(The ladies having fun at the game)

(Our new friends - Part I.  The guy on the right was wearing the Caps hat.)

(Our new friends - Part II.  These are the girls that are going to dress up as zombie princesses...)

(Night was starting to fall, but by this point the game was over)


(A few people hanging out after the game)

(And, as we tried to make our way home Shereen saw some rabbits and wanted to take a picture.  I'll let you judge the state she was in by the clearness of the picture...)

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