Juneau, Alaska - Part 2 (Everything Else)

Everything else leaves a lot.  There was Mendenhall Glacier, the Shrine of St. Therese, the Alaskan State Museum, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, and a few random stops here and there and some where pictures weren't even taken - the Alaskan Brewing Company.  There are quite a few things to see and do and it was nice having a local to show me around.  Downtown has an interesting feel and we even made it to the Red Dog Salon.  I can't imagine what it would be like during tourist season...  Anyway, here area few more of the photos from Alaska.  

 (Myself with Mendenhall Glacier in the background.  This is the big one people usually like to use when discussing global warming.)

(The glacier by itself)

 (A snowman Katrina and I made one night)

(This is a fish trapping device which was used by the Natives)

(Another set up in the Juneau-Douglas museum of how life used to be)

(A few shots of downtown)

 (Another one)

(It's got an old western feel to it, at least architecturally, and that's only from the few Western movies I've seen) 

 (Yet another shot)

 (I guess the Red Dog Saloon is a pretty famous place to stop.  I finally made it there my night before heading out of town.  Inside was interesting...)

(A few of the mountains in the background)

 (A dock for boats, again with a few mountains in the background.  I believe this was on Douglas, an island right next to Juneau)

(Me and the wooden bear)

 (We spent a little time at the beach, but it was a bit too chilly to enjoy)

 (An interesting base of a tree I believe)

(This is actually a photo of a photo taken at the State Museum and I believe that is a killer whale or orca)

(Interesting statue)

(Me and a totem)

(A cool mask)

(Sewing kit if I remember correctly)

 (One of the coolest things I saw on the trip - a rain jacket made from bear intestine.  Talk about sustainable living...)

 (Water proof boots made with seal skin)

(A fun shot in the museum)

 (An old mining office replica)

(This was in the kids section... a person just grabbed a whole bunch of random things and stuck them on a board and put the board behind glass.  It was fun to play 'I spy.')

(View from the library - a bit of Downtown at night)

(Another shot taken from the library)

 (A different hike I went on with Katrina, her mother, and her sister-in-law to St. Therese Shrine)

(You can see the church in the background - it is literally in the middle of nowhere and has been there for quite some time)

(Inside the church)

 (A view from behind the church)

(Another picture taken behind the church)

 (It was below freezing and these two guys were surfing)

(And he's up)

(Same day, another place we stopped at)

(A little walk along the water)

 (You can either reserve or rent out these cabins and there was a group having a BBQ while we were there)

(Jump shot)

 (This was a special log where Katrina's mom used to take her and her brother when they were younger)

(This one was a little scary)

(A few mountains in the background)

 (This was a hike we went on with Katrina's dad about 10 minutes away from where he lives)

(That's me out there...  I guess when the tide is out you can walk out to the island)

(It was a little bit rocky during this part of the hike) 

(Again, the scenery was amazing)

(Good thing the boards were up or we would have been walking on ice)

(Me in the woods)

(A few seagulls)

 (Taking a rest...)

 (A quick stop on the way home - I believe it's Mendenhall Glacier)

(Here's a little wider angle)

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