The Old Barn, Outdoor Classic, and Pond Hockey

As you could probably guess, this is a hockey related post.  I've spent quite a few years of my life playing and now it's time for the next generation.  So, here are a few pictures of my nephew, who I like to call the 'Flyin' Hawaiian' playing at the old Hershey Arena.  There are also a few photos from the Outdoor Classic, the AHL's version of the Winter Classic, played at Hershey Park Stadium between the Hershey Bears and the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.  Finally, perhaps the purist kind of hockey, pond hockey.  We had a few days where the neighbor's pond froze and I took the little guy both days.  A special thank you to the Fell Family.  Here are the photos.  

(He's a stay at home defenseman, that's for sure)

(Here he's getting into the action)

(The teams play 4 on 4 so the kids have more ice and they only use half the ice)

(Action shot in the Old Barn.  I have a lot of good memories playing here and hopefully he has the same.)

 (Time for a line change)

(Close up action shot)

 (Little pep talk by the coach between periods)

(Man down but he popped right back up)

 (Outdoor Classic Ice Sculpture)

(TC helping the little man hop up in the Zamboni)

 (There's my nephew in the Zam with the Old Hershey Park Arena in the background)

(A special thanks also to Mimi who was able to get the tickets!  We went to the alumni game on Saturday and then the Bears game on Sunday.)

 (You can see the rink in the lower left corner and the Old Arena in the background)

(The alumni take to the ice.  I think at some point I've skated with over half of the guys.  Also, you can see a few of the roller coasters from Hershey Park peeking out above the stadium.)

(Me and the little man with a giant puck)

 (It's not too often you get to tail gate before a professional hockey game in an outdoor stadium.  This was one of the few times.)

(We played a little Cornhole)

(This is my new outdoor look)

(Quite a few of the guys I skated with when I was younger and some as of late)

(We have Princess, TC, and my sister)

(I tried to take a picture myself which didn't turn out so well...)

 (So, here's a better one)

(Stink with some French Fries)

(The little guy and Coco the Bear)

(Here's a shot where they were both looking)

(Time for a little hockey under the lights) 

(Pops, myself, sister, and the little man)

 (The Stink family)

 (Me and my sis - it was quite cold, that's for sure)

 (A few fireworks after the game)

(It was quite the show, even though the Bears took a hit in OT)

 (I've come to realize there's something pure about pond hockey, being outside, cleaning the ice, playing in the snow...  here a few of the boys are shoveling.)

 (Chevy, Frank, myself, and my nephew with Trevor in the background)

 (Man down but again, he hopped up.  He played a game Saturday, we skated on the pond for two and a half hours.  He played another game Sunday afternoon and wanted to come out and skate again, so we did.  He had well over 6 hours of hockey that weekend.)

 (B Chev, myself, the 'Flyin' Hawaiian' and Frank the Tool man)

(Me and the little guy with the sun setting)

 (Doing a few laps before it was time to call it a night.  He did tell me, "Uncle J, those big guys sure don't take it easy on the little ones."  He got tripped a few times and 'elbowed' in the head.  Although I think his head ran into someone's elbow.)

 (Face off time)

(Getting the puck out of the net)

(I think this is my favorite shot)

(Right in the mix of things)

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